Saturday, 8 November 2008

Neutrogena pure glow deep cleansing cushions

Okay, So last thing at night, just before i go to bed. The last thing i want to do is wash my face to remove the day's grime and make up.
But removing your make up is a must for clear, healthy skin, So to remove all the fuss of foaming cleansers and toners, i have finally found the perfect product!
"Neutrogena's Pure Glow Deep Cleansing Cushions"
There are two sides to these little cushions, one cleanses and gently exfoliates whilst the other wipes most of the foam off and moisturises.
The 1st side is soft but with little bobbles all over it, whilst the other is padded and super soft, feeling like cotton wool without that icky sensation.
Once i've used the cushion, i apply a moisturiser as the pad doesn't moisturise my skin very much.
It retails for around $8 or £5 and comes with 22 cushions.

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